Motivation for fuel.

For way too long I’ve been trying to decide what type of blog I wish to write. After reading so many, I’ve decided to just, well, wing it. I recently read a blog about motivation and how it affects us even doing every day tasks. Not only will motivation be a factor for getting out […]

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Two stories

I started off this post aiming to focus on a story that seriously frustrated me, due to the way everything was unravelled and then was just left at such a infuriating ending. It wasn’t even a cliffhanger, I was just left needing to know more. I needed to know more details about what actually happened. […]

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Favourite movies

I’ve always been a fan of movies, however I’m always that person who watches them online for the first time, months, or even years after they’ve been released in the cinema. From the action genre with Bruce willis blowin’ shit up, to sci-fi with lightsabers and un-earth like creatures. I’m not really picky with films, […]

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A rather rational decision.

So I’ve never really been the type of person to ever get into this whole, blogging thing. I never really kept a diary as a kid, or even noted anything down. Even in school or college, I was always scribbling away drawing pictures of silly cartoon faces or colouring in the grey straps of my […]

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