A rather rational decision.

So I’ve never really been the type of person to ever get into this whole, blogging thing. I never really kept a diary as a kid, or even noted anything down. Even in school or college, I was always scribbling away drawing pictures of silly cartoon faces or colouring in the grey straps of my torn and deteriorating rucksack. I do remember some point in my childhood where I decided that I was going to start writing my thoughts down onto paper, however, that didn’t happen any time soon after. Maybe, 5 years later, I’m sat at my desk in my old, and very unadorned university house staring at a laptop screen, writing down any thoughts I’m currently having and then editing them on the screen. Weird huh. If I’m honest, I really have no idea what I’m doing, not only on this website but currently the situation. I really have no idea why I’ve just decided to create this whole electronic diary. Maybe I’m looking for something new, a new hobby to pass time? I’m not really sure.

I think the whole idea of a blog or diary, is a great idea. It allows all types of people to create an image of themselves, for others all across the globe to see. I mean, it doesn’t have to be about them specifically I guess, it could be anything they wanted. However, I’m guessing that’s the general idea of this craze. It’s a good idea for people to reach out and tell their story, to show a side of them they wouldn’t show in public, and not feel criticized by some emotionless bully, who seem to have a dream to one day be a hill billy living off cider. No offence to any hill billies, or cider drinkers. I drink cider too, just not as much as you.

Thinking about it, I guess the real reason behind me creating this blog is that I find it hard to talk to people about what I want, or how I feel in real life. I guess you could call it an escape from reality. Another reason that made me create this, is mainly because I was inspired by another persons blog, which was a very good read. It gave me a little push to write my own, I suppose.

Enough chit chat. This has to be the first thing like this that I’ve ever done. Bare with me as you read, I’m trying. I tend to mumble on, but I guess that’s good for a blog right? We’ll see. Enjoy.

P.s, obviously I’m the handsome boy in the cracking stripy shorts. Now I’m a hairy bearded man with longish hair. Just to clarify, I’ve grown a tad.



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