Refurbishing the Common Ground.

So, after actually moving away and coming to live here in Wales I’ve came to realise a few things. Probably the most obvious one for me would be the people that I’ve spent the most time with whilst I’m here, do drive me crazy, but I’m thankful to have met and be friends with. My first year at university was probably one of the most crazy years I’ve had. It included lots of night outs in Cardiff, most of them which I cannot remember, meeting lots of unforgettable people and also presenting me with lots of different, but amazing opportunities.

The people which I lived with in the first year are still very good friends of mine, but we just don’t see each other as much, which is a shame. However, when I do see them, it’s always a very good night! Then there’s the people I didn’t live with before, but now do… My god they drive me up the walls. We argue, fight and just all around abuse each other. I personally think they leave the house a mess with cider cans spread around, and dirty plates and cups everywhere, however I think I may partly to blame for that also…

Without a doubt, as much as I could kill them, I’m glad to have met these boys and shared a house with them. It’ll be sad to leave them when I go, but I’m positive we’ll be reunited for a messy, half naked alcohol fumed night out in the big Diff of Wales.

This post was a little out of the blue, seeing as right now it’s 2:24 am and I’m led in bed listening to them sing their hearts out to cheesy early 2000’s pop classics. I guess the main reason behind this post is just to say that I appreciate and respect these people I’ve met, and thank them for their drunk singing every night.


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