Two stories

I started off this post aiming to focus on a story that seriously frustrated me, due to the way everything was unravelled and then was just left at such a infuriating ending. It wasn’t even a cliffhanger, I was just left needing to know more. I needed to know more details about what actually happened. It was based on a true story and that really didn’t help my situation. Depending on your personal traits and how emotionally attached you actually get with characters of a story, the story allows you to choose who you feel for and in a sense, lets you pick what side you want to be on. This is when the story suddenly picks you up, shakes you about and changes your mind completely. It’s a nightmare.

However, before I get too focused on that story, I’ve decided to change my mind and focus on another, which has a much lighter mood and can be seen as a heartbreaking but peaceful story, but that is not going without saying that it does not have its own dark moments. There are some moments that may shock you.

The beauty of this film is that it takes a horrible, dark event and makes something good of it. The one thing that I love about this film is that it could be taken from so many real life events, and highlights the issues that certain individuals have to struggle with. This is one man and his story. The film, is ‘Rudderless’. I will give no clues as to what it is about, you’ll have to watch it and see. What I will say is that I personally rate this film as one of my favourite films. If you are interested about the other film and are in the mood to get angry at the TV, then the first story is called ‘True Story’, starring James Franco and Jonah Hill.

If I’ve really enjoyed a story, the genre is usually drama, biography or documentary. Sometimes even being mystery, on a ‘feeling weird’ kind of day. There seems to just be something about those types of stories that my mind seems to interlock with. Sure, I’m more fascinated in those genres, but there’s something about it that just makes it just that little bit more exciting and interesting.

Currently reading an autobiography of a sports star, and a book on space, I’m being led in two complete different paths with these. We shall see how these go.



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