The amount of time I have spent on this description is scary to think. I have possibly spent more time re-writing this section than I have my blog. Any particular reason? None. So don’t think you’re going to get some sort of explanation if you keep on reading… But by all means, and please do, carry on reading.


I’m a dreamer. I love to travel and have dreams. I want to be successful in my career but I don’t think I’m exactly sure on which industry that will be in just yet. I’ve started a new adventure with a new company, and I’m hopeful. Honestly, I never was a huge fan of reading, however, over the past few years that’s definitely changed. I thank the people I have met for changing my perspective on life for that. Huge auto/biography, science/space and crime/punishment fan. I try to travel when I can, and have visited some amazing places in which I’ll never forget. I’m a coffee drinker, have a ginger beard and like to think of myself as adventurous.

My blog does not have a particular category, so it may tend to change topic from time to time.¬†Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Your about page reminds me of a poem my daughter wrote posing both sides at each other. Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions and it’s fine to change your mind. You can choose to have a foot on both the ottoman and the field until you are ready to do it 100% or enjoy both fully at different times. It’s all good.
    Thanks for visiting and following caramelize life, I’m glad you are enjoying it.


    1. Hi Rachelle. I’m glad you like it, specially if you can relate to it in your own way. Yeah, I definitely think that everyone has their own path and for me this is just a stepping stone. Love your blog, definitely gives my homepage some colour and character. Thanks for your comment!

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